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Piedritas de Esperanza is supporting an orphanage in Villavicencio (Colombia) with about 30 children. Most of the children have been place there by their families because their environment became to hostile for a child to grow up. Besides there are some sad stories about parents who have been killed, children that where molested by armed forces or children who where abused by their own family

Piedritas de Esperanza is very happy to help this orphanage. The people who run the orphanage are very devoted and some of them even grew up there themselves. The children only leave until they finish their careers. In a way it is one big family.

Piedritas de Esperanza is supporting this orphanage with daily needs (like toilet paper and soap), school equipment and providing a psychologist to help the children mentally. Also our foundation provided moquito nets for all beds.

Become a godfather of one of these children!

In 2009 Piedritas de Esperanza is searching for other orphanages that need help.


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