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Sponsoring is increasingly important for companies. Consumers don't look at products anymore but at the image of a company. They value companies that want to return something to the community. Therefor, many companies sponsor projects that help children.

As a company you can put your logo on this website to show that you support our goals, including a link to your website. The costs of this type of sponsoring is EUR 500 per year. A second type of sponsoring can be in natural resources. You can donate food, clothes, books, toys, computers or any other items that can help the Colombian children. We would be glad to ship your products it to Colombia. Also with this kind of sponsoring your logo will be displayed on our website.

Piedritas de Esperanza is open to any other kind of sponsoring. Please make us a proposal.


P.O. Box 8177 | 3009 AD Rotterdam | the Netherlands