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Everybody can participate in the projects of Piedritas de Esperanza. All help is welcome. Donation of food, clothes or toys and every euro or dollar will be appreciated. We feel we can do far more than we are doing right now, so all help we receive will be used well. You can donate to the following programs:

Become a godfather
As a godfather you can support one or more children in specific. You can select yourself who you want to adopt. For EUR 60 or USD 80 per year we will provide your godchild with the items he needs. As a godfather you can contact your godchild, so you can write letters or telephone him or her (for example for his or her birthday). With this program you can see yourself how you help your godchild.

Become a member of Piedritas de Esperanza
As a member of Piedritas de Esperanza you will receive a newletter four times per year with the status of all projects the foundation started. As a member you donate EUR 25 or USD 35 per year.

Donate items
We live in a waste economy. Everything that doesn't serve us anymore, we throw away. Stop doing that! All items that can be useful for the children of Colombia, are welcome. We will ship these items to Colombia so that your items, like food, clothes, toys and books (preferably English or Spanish), can be given to the children.

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